I remember the moment I met my lack of wisdom. God gave me this prophetic picture of a little girl and her Maker. She was holding up a broken and ugly mirror dissatisfied with her reflection. Her Maker was presenting her with a shiny, silver and perfectly put together mirror longing for her to see what He saw in her. If she would only look into the reflection He was extending, it would unleash in her a wisdom of the more He had for her. This wisdom would catapult her to her purpose. But until she put down the shattered pieces she was viewing herself through, she would always judge her purpose with distorted eyes instead of His eyes that burn with a flame of fire for her.

Wisdom - this word we totally need to be praying for. It’s so much more than having intelligence. It’s so much deeper than just knowing what decision to make, what place to move to, or what job to take. Wisdom is the ability to discern divinely, to walk aligned with The Spirit and to fully see with His eyes. Wisdom is what will awaken you to your destiny and the power of your story.

One of my favorite stories in The Bible of seeing someone unlock their destiny through wisdom is Moses. Let’s just look at Exodus 4:10 (MSG) for example. “Moses raised another objection to God: ‘Master, please, I don’t talk well. I’ve never been good with words, neither before nor after you spoke to me. I stutter and stammer.’” Moses was standing before His maker with that shattered mirror unwilling to pick up the perfect view God was revealing, and therefore, unable to see what his King actually destined him for. 

We love to tell God who we are, what our limits are, and what we have margin for don’t we?

Thankfully God puts us in check just as He did Moses in Exodus 11 (MSG). 

“And who do you think made the human mouth?” 

Ouch! Pretty sure God won that round.

By limiting ourselves with our tainted lens, we are robbing ourselves of the wisdom He loves to give. All the while we have the opportunity – no, the INSANE ABILITY to unravel the intimate and intricate vision the Creator of the universe has fashioned for us. It’s like God was telling Moses, “Don’t you tell me what I made that mouth for and what it can do! I have the original blueprints. I knew what it was going to speak into existence and proclaim before I even put that thing on you, son.” Imagine all the miracles, the provision, the deliverance, the MORE, Moses would have missed out on if he wasn’t willing to give up his finite view of himself.

I can’t help but to think – what was His original blueprint for your vessel, for your story, for your purpose?

The king of the universe is inviting you to a beautiful unveiling of who you are. He will not settle for a lesser version of His daughter. The limits we place on ourselves leave us with distorted vision while He desires for us to unlock His supernatural perspective as we walk in our calling.

So let’s get real. This all sounds great, right? But where do we actually find this wisdom? In 

James 1:5(CEV) it says “If any of you need wisdom, you should ask God, and it will be given to you. God is generous and won’t correct you for asking.” 

Here’s the truth sister – you were created to walk in the fullness of God’s design. You were put on this earth to make God’s dreams come true. Now, go ahead and ask your Maker! Tell Him you’re ready to see - to really see. Curl up on His Abba lap and look into His reflection. The longer you gaze at Him, the more you’ll get to know your truest self. The closer you get to Him, the more of His original design and dreams you will uncover. The deeper experiences you have with Him, the more insight you will gather. 

Grab ahold of the free wisdom He is extending to you. Put down that shattered mirror and see that you were made for more. So much more than shattered vision, unfulfilled dreams, broken pieces and a partial picture of your story. We serve a “more than” God! And I cannot wait for you to discover all the more He has for you!

Rachael Sibcy is the Elementary Director at The Crossing Church in Las Vegas. Her heartbeat is for the next generation to discover their truest identity, and for families to awaken to the redemptive and powerful work God wants to do through their households. Wherever she goes, and whatever she does, Rachael wants to influence and encourage the Body of Christ to embrace our role in every family’s journey to eternity.