I Got It From My Mama

by Melody Hernandez

I like to describe my mother as a spicy combination of Lucille Ball from “I Love Lucy” and your favorite high school cheerleader.  She is passionate, bossy, generous, and someone who I am convinced secretly runs the world after all the kids have fallen asleep.  Over the past few months I have begun to realize, even more, the kind of woman my mother truly is and the kind of legacy she will leave behind one day.  I recently attended an election party with my mother and brother where at least 7 people approached me saying, “Wow, your mom is such an incredible leader” or “You can always count on Teresa to get things done” or, my personal favorite “I would never want to debate your mother!"

In the Word of God, “honor your mother and father” is the first commandment the Lord has given us attached to a promise. Our Father is a father of generations, the God of “Abraham, Isaac and Jacob”. Legacy is a gift that we all have the option to give and receive; it is a privilege to receive traits, gifts and anointing’s from those who have walked before us. Perhaps there is a reason He tells us to honor our mother and fathers beyond simply receiving a long life in return. Maybe through honoring and esteeming them, we get an opportunity to behold attributes that we may benefit from.  Maybe their ceiling is our floor, and maybe the baton of legacy they have worked hard to acquire could be swiftly received by us if we were simply aware of it.

My hope is to become the kind of woman whose daughter will look at her and think I secretly run the world because she thinks I actually could.